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Individual Health Coaching

Do you feel like you are always starting the new year with your wellness resolutions but never crossing anything out? As your Health Coach I will help guide and inspire you to find a rhythm and  achieve more of your wellness goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my personal coaching session for a period of 6 months. I want you to start living your healthiest life now!

Cost: $150US / $1050 TT/ per month

Program includes:

  • Goal Setting exercises

  • Food/Mood Journal

  • Nutrition guides

  • Workout activities

  • Stress Management exercises

  • Two 40 mins coaching sessions per month

  • Daily accountability and motivation

  • Private support group

  • Tokens

  • Access to all Programs during the period of coaching service

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Group Coaching

We all want to get back to feeling vibrant, confident and full of energy. The EnergiseHER Group Program is an 21 day group program where you learn about proper nutrition, physical activity, stress management and self love all while working together with a group of women on their wellness journey just like you.

Basic Package Cost: $840TT/ $120US

Advance Package - You get the Basic package plus individual coaching after the 21 days for an additional 2 months $450US / $3150TT

Program includes:

  • Accountability Partnership

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Food and Mood Journaling

  • Meal guides and recipes

  • Workouts

  • Sign Up gift

  • 2 BONUS weeks (before and after the program to assist with preparing and transitioning towards your healthier lifestyle)

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Energise Her - 1 Day Retreat

Cost $350 TT per person

Program Details:

  • De-stressing Strategies (includes 10-15 min massage sessions)

  • Movement (Yoga exercises)

  • Gut Health

  • Reducing Limiting Beliefs


Online 1 hr Training Sessions (Via Zoom)

Cost $120 TT

  1. Eating for Energy

  2. Decoding your Cravings

LOVE Her - Self Love workshops

Come join us for some sisterhood and fellowship at Cara Suites, located in south Trinidad. Its not about being selfish but learning to be self FULL, being able to pour from your saucer while your cup is still full to sustain you. During this event we will learn about FORGIVENESS, AFFIRMATIONS, PRESENTING OUR BEST SELF and LOVING OUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

We have some amazing presenters also ranging from Life Coaches, Health Coach and Aesthician /Make Up Artist.

Lets learn to love our self again.

Our first workshop was held on the 16th March 2019. Stay tuned for our Tobago Edition as well as one geared towards teens.