What My Clients Are Saying

Danielle Testimonial Holistically You Narisicia Phillip Peters
I highly recommend the Yummy Mummy Programme! The past three months have been a wonderful learning and growing experience. The five day cleanse was the hardest part but you definitely felt fantastic afterwards! The private Facebook group provided support and encouragement for the entire period – and you also got some useful tips and tricks for meal prep and recipes. Over the three month period I went down two dress sizes – I look forward to seeing more great results
— Danielle

Keeba Testimonial Holistically You Narisicia Phillip Peters
I did this in the comfort of my home this wasnt no way easy but everyday it gets better.... I always used to be making excuses i dont have time for gym blah blah blah ,registered on many occasion and tell me how many times i attended hummm ridiculous... .to much to mention to much to talk about ,but what i will say is i am forever thankful for Nariscia
— Keeba

Nlicia Testimonial Branded Image.png
Nariscia provides health coaching and all the tools you need to get your body and mind in order. Not to mention her unwavering support and understanding
— Nlicia