Stress Less

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Stress is something that affects all of us, some can manage it a lot better than others. What makes them so different from you? Nothing really, they have just found ways to manage the daily stress and not allow it to upset their spirit and their day. We can all learn to ride the storm and control the amount of water that gets into our boat. Stress drains your energy but few of us acknowledge how much it can affect our health.

Stress pulls from our body's energy reserves and carry us to a state of fight or flight mode. When this happens cortisol hormones builds up in our system. When the initial alarm has subsided and if the hormone isn't used then there will eventually become a build up of cortisol in our system. This starts breaking down our body resulting in poor immunity, blood pressure issues, weight gain and it has even been linked to mental health issues as well.

So how do we manage stress? Here are a few tips that have worked for me to make my day easier and help minimize stress. I hope it can do the same for you also.

1. Let Go of the idea of Perfect.

When I first started my business it was because others believed in me more than I did. I had the thought that I needed to have a website, my body must look a certain way, I must have everything ready because to me it wasn't good enough. But over the years I have learnt that everything is evolving, it will always change and nothing will be perfect. Do it any way and trust the process.  Good is good enough, and you can always create a revised version of your website, programs, and newsletters. Keep moving forward.

2. Schedule Every Task

Everything becomes negotiable if its not on my schedule of things to complete for the day. That also means it will get pushed back, forgotten and the procrastination monster will continue to get the better of you. So instead, schedule errands, meal prepping and cooking dinner, doing laundry and all the other house work you may have. When it comes to your projects break them up into more manageable portions and set deadlines through out the week to have them completed, this way by the time the deadline comes around all you have to do is merge everything together. Also schedule i your social time for checking emails and being on social media, remove the need to constantly be glued to your phone to answer an email or review every social media notification (you may need to set a timer for most of these tasks to ensure you don't over do and disrupt your entire schedule). And of course don't forget to schedule family time and self care as well.

3. Do not Multitask

I realized if I try to do many things at once (multi tasking) at the end of the day I was busy but not necessarily productive. Focus on one item at a time and dedicate to having the work done towards completing it, you will soon discover you can remove this off your list a lot faster. Also instead of trying to do all the smaller items first aim to tackle the bigger ones since these would require the most amount of attention, effort and energy. Because what tends to happen we do all the little tasks but at the end of the day when you do an assessment the big items are still there with nothing done, deadline approaching and of course your stress levels increasing.

4. Remove the clutter

De clutter comes in many forms, it means not only removing all the things that are no longer needed in your office space or closet for example. But it also means learning who needs to be removed from the front row in the theatre of the production called your life. It's not that you don't love them, rather it means you value your peace more. Some people need to be put in the back row and some need to be exited all together. You may want to consider unsubscribing and unfollowing individuals who are no longer delivering you value. And last but this may be the most important one of all. Remove the clutter from your mind. All the negative that you tell yourself, all the worrying of things that never come to pass. All those things make you sick and stress you out. So focus on positivity, speak life into everything that you do, and if at first its hard start surrounding yourself with persons who will get you to that mind set. Start reading books and edifying those parts of your brain.

5. Consider Outsourcing

Do It Yourself is great, and yes at times the cash may not be available to get certain things done, however there are experts to assist you in all areas of your life and business (and someone within your price range as well). You don’t need to do everything for your business for yourself, you can build a team (part time basis for some). There are experts for building websites, social media marketing, and copy writing for example, who can get a remarkable amount of work done in a small and affordable amount of time. And when all else fails there is always some form of free technology (there's an app for that) so you can schedule emails, and all your social media posts for your business .

6. Practice Gratitude

When we focus on all the good things that have happen during the day instead of dwelling on the negative we start to feel more relaxed. It makes us smile at all the little things that on a normal day we would have ignored all to give the negative energy life.